Mike enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in the summer of 1975

"I was 15 at the time and studied with Jazz great John LaPorta."

"I later befriended guitarist Steve Vai. Steve said after hearing my band that I was a great player and sounded like Carlos Santana."

"In 1980 I moved home to Springfield and joined Arabus."

In the summer of 1981 Mike hits the road with the Julie Grant show featuring old college roommate and mentor Steve Schwartz on drums.

"We played 5 sets a night, 6 nights a week, 50 weeks a year. Our tour included stops throughout the US, Aruba, and Saint Thomas."

During break he made records at Record Plant in New York moving in with Steve Schwartz and guitarist Michael Rudetski at 102st & Centeral Park West.

Starts recording commercial spots for D.S.M.produsers  and records Master Baster/Rock Party.

Works for a while in 1986-1987 at the jazz club Mickell's at 97th and Amsterdam.

Met jazz greats like Art Blakey, Roy Hayens, Sara Vaughn, Steve Gadd, Paul Butterfield and also electronics wizard Roger Mayer, who made me a distortion pedal. Meets Tony Williams back stage.

Moves to 58st and records with Rick Derrenger. Meets Yngwie Malmsteen and records with his band. Meets bassist Jaco Pastorius and buys him 2 slices of pizza.

Meets Les Paul before his gig

Starts a small band playing bass with Buddy Miles and records. In 1991 joins The Con Artists an east village punk band and meets Johnny Thunders from the New York Dolls and records with Chis Spedding.

Produces an original song, "Get it While You Can" which is featured in the motion picture "Welcome to the Dollhouse" 1996.



Mike also plays on the song "Masqarade" on the CD released on the movie soundtrack.

"I started teaching guitar to actor Josh Halloway while I started my own blues band
The George Boys."

In 1998, He moved to Nashville. "After only 2 weeks I'm recording with Jimmy Tittle featuring Marty Stewart on mandolin."

We played live radio shows and gigs  and then starts up his own blues band.

In 1999 I moved back to Springfield and started teaching at Suffield Academy.

Gigs with jazz guitarist Eric Bashcum,vocalist Peter Nuland and drummer Tom Artillino.

Joined forces with Vocalist and Guitar player Bob Kelley in the band Eagle Eyes in 2009.